Urdu Inpage 2009 Free download For Pc

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free download For Pc

 inpage urdu 2009 free
inpage 2009 Free download

Hi everyone today i am talk about inpage 2009 free download.As we know that this tool is used for writing documents in Urdu or Arabic language and documents generated from this tool are better than other tools.

Some other languages just like Hindi, Pashto Farsi, There are many tools which are used for writing documents in English and other languages but specially.Inpage 2009 free download is used for writing Urdu in Pakistan, this is most powerful and versatile software which is used in PC for calligraphic and Nastaliq.

How to download inpage urdu 2009 free

This is best software among all other Urdu writing software. Most of the newspaper writer use this tool because it includes best fonts for news writing, many Urdu bloggers and magazine writers also use this software due to wide range tools.As we know Noori Nastaliq, the famous and most useful font for Urdu blogs, magazines, and books. Different decorative and graphic fonts also includes in this tool for attractive writing and designs.

The reason behind suggesting this tool for writing is that it is very easy to use software even a beginner can easily understand and use this tool.

Why use inpage 2009?

why use this application in pc.This application many way use in pc,Many company use this sofware write Books,news,magazines,newspaper and use many It engineer use web develment and website aritcle write.inpage 2009 many country use like Pakistan,Afghanistan,India and more other.This sofware very impantan to write urdu in windows,and this application free of cost use.

Inpage 2009 Free download

If you can write urdu,Arabic,Pushto,sindhi and more other languages.If you can creat documents in Ms words and other any sofware this application best to write urdu,Arabic,hindu,sindu and many more languages.You can creat documents in professional in use inpage 2009 application.

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Some basic and main features are;

Alignment bar:

Used for alignment of different paragraph on left, right or center position of page.

Font size:

Select font size of your own choice.

Formatting tools:

Provides different formats

Vertical ruler bar:

Gives vertical measurements

language status/ Selection:

Tells about language or selection.

Page scroll:

Scroll and reach at the desired locations of word or line to edit or delete or add something new.

Page view/ Page zoom:

Provides you the desired page size

Master document lock:

For locking document to avoid unnecessary edition or removal.

In “view menu” there are following items;

Fit in window: with the help of this option you can adjust the document and scale down to fit in display the window this option helps you to see the single more than one pages in one window.

50%: by this option you can automatically scale your page size 50% by enabling this option the object on the visible pages are scale by 50%.

Actual: This option give you to the actual size of your document on the page so basically this is the hundred percent scaled. It is a default mode for viewing a page on window.

200%: by clicking this option you can see your document at to 200% it will be the double of your default mode.

Facing pages: by clicking this option you can see or adjust your document pages side by side on the screen while in contrast of facing pages only one page will display at a time.

The Hide or show ribbon:

by using this option you can hurt a show the ribbons which will help you in working with more space on the screen so by unchecking this option you can get back your ribbon on the screen.

Inpage Hide tools: if you want more working space on the screen you can also hide the unnecessary tools while editing are writing.

Hide rulers: rulers are basically the measurement on your screen so if you don’t want the rulers you can also hide these if you feel disturbance while editing writing.

Hide guides: basically guides are helpful while writing and editing some documents but if you want to hide guides you can check this option. When we are working on decorative or graphic 4 size phones this option is very helpful because it is giving us full guides related to font size adjustment at etc.

Snap to guides: option card snap to guide indicate that objects created are moved will snap to guide as if you want to disable snapping to guide. Then uncheck this option.

In Format menu:


This option helps to define your document character.
Its color, size, style, Latin font name, hatch, Urdu font name, Arabic font name. It’s scaling, baseline shift, and styling


This option will help you to make a paragraph setting.

The alignment will help you to choose right, left, and centered justified and forced justify Alignment style.


Beginning: for all lines in the selected Paragraphs, this option sets the Indent amount at the beginning of.

End: for all lines in the selected Paragraphs, this option will set the Indent amount at end of the line. First line: this option sets the Indent value for the first lines of the Paragraph.

Line spacing: This option is for choose the height of each line by choosing its sub-options.

Line spacing:

This option is for choose the height of each line by choosing its sub-options.


You can control hyphenation in Roman Text from this option.


Borders attributes can be specified with this option. It allows to specify Border Before or After, Border type, Border Color and Thickness.


This option helps to set tab positions and tab attributes for desired Paragraphs.

Sort Text:

This option enables or disables the text sporting feature for the selected text chain.

Table Format

This option helps to format the table in terms of Cell Fill Color, Cell Width, Cell Border and indents within the Cell.


With help of this option we can select the setting of objects like you can choose that object origin across and origin down, its width and height.


With this option we can set the Runaround values along the four sides of the selected Objects.


We can specify the inset values for the Text box with the help of this option. The text in the selected Textbox will always be inset by the specified values.

Master Page Objects:

This option allows to format all master page objects on the specified range of the pages.


Like New menu in the File menu, it allows to do setting of document pages in terms of Orientation, Sizes, Margins and Columns Etc.

Displays Format Guide Dialog box:

With help of this option we can view all the guides in the currently selected page. Vertical and Horizontal guides will be displayed separately as lists.

Style Sheet:

We can define custom style sheets.

Define Color:

We can define custom colors by selecting this option.

Inpage free download 2009

Simple clink here Dow button and than open new page than clink on dow button start and enjoy it.