How to earn money on 5ROI Global in 2022

How to earn money on 5ROI Global in 2022

5ROI lowers transaction fees, speeds up transactions with potential electronic financial services. Spot, futures, launchpad, credit line, stacking . 5ROI supports multiple languages and multiple devices with high security and protection to provide maximum convenience to investors.And  5ROI Blockchain provides secure and reliable digital asset trading and management services to millions of customers on a mission to achieve technological success.

Our goal is to provide consumers with smart financial solutions ranging from blockchain technology to AI, while minimizing all potential risks, improving costs and facilitating relationships between investors, companies and the community.

Payment proof

ROI is a cryptocurrency issued through the 5ROI global platform. The ROI token, which will be issued in limited quantities on the Binance Smart Chain platform, aims to promote trading activities on the 5ROI platform. The purpose of using ROI in 5ROI is primarily to pay transaction fees, exchange fees, and other services in the 5ROI financial ecosystem.


Featured Features:


The purchase and sale of a sum of foreign currency between the two parties at the spot exchange rate at the time of transaction and within two business days from the date of transaction to the date of purchase and sale.


futures contracts allow you to easily participate in the movement of cryptocurrencies. In other words, you can speculate on the value of cryptocurrency instead of buying the underlying asset yourself.


A platform that supports token sales, helps projects raise capital and reach international markets. To include a project on the launch pad, it must undergo a rigorous standards-based testing process, including: what stage the project is in, its extensive use potential, capable team, and committed team. ..

Line of credit

The line of credit is a feature of loans in the form of collateral for digital assets. Consumers with different types of corrupt assets can use collateral with different limits. The amount to be paid will depend on the value of the property when using the service.


Store cryptocurrencies in wallets to earn bonuses and help customers grow their assets in a passive, fast and sustainable way.


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OTC (Online Trading)

This is a private transaction of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is not carried through regular trade and therefore does not appear in any public order book, which means increasing confidentiality for both buyers and sellers.