How to earn money hago application in 2022

How to earn money hago application in 2022

You can earn from Hago by inviting friends as inviting friends with your referral code will cost Rs 2500 per person if they click on your invitation code. Please note, give preference to those who have never downloaded and played Hago!

The following method is quite simple. You need to win the match as many times as possible to make money. Each win will result in coins that can be deposited up to a certain amount. These coins can be converted into prizes that can be sold for cash.

Win the Match

The Lucky Minor app can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. Before installing Hago, make sure you have the Lucky Miner app installed. However, if Hugo already exists on your phone, please uninstall it first and reinstall it once Lucky Minor is installed.


Inside Lucky Minor, you can find Hago games that are already associated with the app. Start installing the game I play from the application, then play and collect points. As before, these points will be accumulated and can be exchanged for money.

Play money with tree

How to play Hugo Money Tree is very easy. You only water the trees you plant, then you make money. Money Tree asks you to water the tree daily or at specific times and it is possible to make 10,000 in 3 days, but there is something that forces you to do this because you have to call a friend from work. Falls.

Play hago zoo

IMacZoo is a game with a zoo theme and cute animals. Although the system is similar to the mini-tree in practice, there is a slight difference in the appearance of the zoo game.


Application link:: Download

To make money from this game you have to complete every mission and you have to do it in real time so that your money can be collected fast. If the Rs.