How to earn money Bondex Origin in 2022

What is Bondex Origin Apk?

Bondex Origin Apk is perfect for anyone looking to expand their digital wallet and take advantage of all the benefits of cryptocurrency. The Bondex wants to help you get ready for crypto, whether you are a crypto veteran or a beginner.

Bondex Origin Apk is a decentralized ecosystem powered by Fantic that leverages t you global network of trading capabilities. The main source of our exchange will be a utility token called BNDX for rewards, incentives and ecosystem governance.

How to start

Register an account with email or LinkedIn account, download Bondex Origin and you can get BNDX tokens for free. Earn more when you upload your resume, refer your friends and earn more!

Making bitcoins

By logging in once a day, registered users can earn up to 50 million (5% of total supply) BNDX tokens by logging in to Bondex Origin. Free BNDX tokens will be traded at a 1:1 ratio for BNDX tokens listed on DEXs (decentralized exchanges).

Socializing the corrupt

Make the most of your professional network within our Crypto Social Network so everyone can earn more! There is a basic fee for each Bondex user. Users receive an additional boost rate when they invite more users to the Bondex Origin Network. Successful referrals will result in an increased bonus rate for the user.

Earn more by uploading your resume.

Bonus rate will be applied once client resumes are verified!

Opportunity to earn daily currency

The Bondex Origin app will provide free BNDX tokens every 24 hours after user login. Take advantage of this great offer before the app runs out!

Apply the Bondex referral code to your friends, who are trusted to make us a better community to join Bondex. Download the Bondex Origin app and get rewards through daily chip rewards.

Join the Talent Revolution! Bondex is a fantasy-driven talent ecosystem built on top of a professional network run by Solana Blockchain. Get BNDX tokens to join the network, invite friends and log in every 24 hours. Install the Bondex Origin app using my referral link:


Application Link:; Download


Become a stakeholder and start investing in the Bondex Talent Network. Get BNDX, Bondex tokens to join the network, invite friends and log in every 24 hours. For now, sign up with your LinkedIn profile, email address, or phone number. Free tokens will be converted into DEX and BNDX tokens that are traded on the exchange.